Super Mario is a significant part of the rise of video games. People of different generations can recognize the little Italian plumber with the moustache and red hat who has experienced and survived impossible adventures in his long career. But now, an extraordinary challenge awaits the famous figure. As Nintendo recently announced a new chaotic multiplayer mode for Mario Golf: Super Rush. Mario Golf is celebrating a comeback on the Switch. There is no doubts, many fans are very happy about these news!

Nintendo announced these plans at Nintendo Direct. Mario Golf gets a new title with Super Rush. It relies on tried and tested ingredients and lets his main character immerse himself in the fascinating world of golf. In Mario Golf: Super Rush, gamers are on the move as one of many well-known names from the Super Mario universe. Numerous great golf courses are available when it comes to being the best.

Precise Control Of The Strokes

So the players now have a wide variety of options. You can influence the trajectory of the golf ball by selecting various factors. Of course, this includes the choice of the club and the spin and twist of the ball. There is also an extensive story mode. In this, the gamer is on the road as Mii and can improve his character in multiple values ​​over time. Nintendo fans already knew the motion control of golf games from the Wii. Mario Golf: Super Rush now has this to offer. The strokes become particularly precise through the movement of the arms. Even hard hits should be possible.

Against Three Opponents In Chaotic Multiplayer Mode

Fans are incredibly excited about the new chaotic multiplayer mode. In the future, gamers will no longer go to the golf course alone but can also do so in a group. Nintendo particularly emphasized this mode when presenting the game. It’s supposed to work like this. In speed golf, all participants tee off at the same time in a game. Then they are called upon to pocket as quickly as possible. That creates a lot of action on the pitch because the players run across the lawn in real-time. If you want to gain an advantage, you need items or sprints. Of course, you can also take part in competitions and collect valuable experience points. You can play the multiplayer mode with up to three other participants. That works not only locally but also online.

Against Three Opponents In Chaotic Multiplayer Mode
Against Three Opponents In Chaotic Multiplayer Mode

Mind The Field’s Curve And The Landscape

The challenges are numerous. Players need to be as careful with the terrain as they are with the wind. A blow bar shows the field’s curve; a scan provides valuable information about the landscape. Thus, the provider is expanding its Super Mario universe with another game that can find numerous fans. However, for all those golfers who prefer the real grass, the game is a welcome change in difficult times. So golf players can prepare well for the season when you go back to nature.