Golf is an outdoor sport usually played when the weather is warm and favorable, especially during summer. There are few things people enjoy apart from visiting bars and going to clubhouses at night. Golf is not without its own dangers which a player may meet during the game. When you are on the golf field, make sure you have a bottle filled with water to keep you hydrated and check the weather for the day as well.

Heat Stroke

Due to the heat and the dry weather, heat stroke may result if you do not drink enough water. The body can lose the ability to self-cool and this makes the person unable to sweat. Dizziness, confusion, and loss of consciousness set in and this condition may result in death if proper attention and management are not given to the patient. When you go golfing, try to make provision for enough drinking water to avoid quick evaporation of water through your skin especially in low humidity climate. Alcohol and beverages are dehydrating substances, avoid them as much as possible.


Animals have their habitats on golf courses, so you must be careful and vigilant while playing golf. Some of them hide among grasses, others lurk in water. The squirrel, the alligator, all can pose danger on golf courses. Sometimes, TV programs make us believe some animals are tamed, but you should be wiser than that. Animals behave the same way in any environment, they are still dangerous. In warm-winter climates, snakes may be prevalent especially in big places like Florida and Arizona golf courses. When you look for your lost ball, use your club to poke while searching in places you cannot see clearly. If you see any wild animals eating in the green grass, let them have their way first.


If there are signs of lightning in the sky, you should reconsider your decision to play your favorite game. Golfing is played in the open and you may be in danger of being struck by lightning. Even when the sky is clear and no dark clouds appear and it seems no storm is coming, lightning can still strike through the clouds at any moment. You should not play golf, or just end the game if you have already started. Lightning is known to move up to 10 miles from its original source, so you need to stay safe.

Errant Shots

Sometimes, mistakes can happen, and people get injured on golf courses. When the golf course is tight, a missed shot can move at random and hit those standing around. The injury can be serious depending on where the person was hit by the ball. Please be conscious of the people on the course with you and shout, `fore’, if you know you had an errant shot. This gives time for people to duck or run to hide. You will feel embarrassed due to errant shots, but it is better than staying silent and get people hurt by a speeding golf ball.