What should characterize a great player? What should be the criteria for defining one? Should be the number of plaudits won by the said player (size of her honours and award list) or should she be rated based on her level of impact to the growth and development of the women’s game? The question has posed a big challenge on social media outlets leading to contributions and suggestions from them, with age and nationality obviously affecting most their decisions. Notwithstanding it gave us a platform to conclude, from which we have compiled this list of the top 4 female golfers of all time

Se Ri Pak

It has become a norm nowadays for the Asian women particularly from South Korea to dominate the game. It could be arguably said that the transition started from the breakthrough of Se Ri-Pak in the later part of the 1990s. Se Ri went on to win two major championships on the 1998 LPGA Tour after turning pro in 1996 becoming the youngest woman to win the U.S. Women’s open at the tender age of 21. She would eventually win 21 more titles on the LGPA, which also included three other major championships. Little wonder she was voted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2007 at the age of 29.

Patty Berg

Basking in the euphoria of winning an impressive 29 amateur titles, Patty Berg turned a pro golfer in 1940. Her 15-major title win remains till date the highest number of majors to be won by a female in the golfing sport. she was a founding member of the LPGA Tour and is a leading member she became the first president of the Association. Berg’s impact on the game includes tutoring in an estimated 16,000 golf clinics and in the process bringing in hundreds of thousands of players into the game. She is also a member of The World Golf Hall of Fame.

Lorena Ochoa

During what could be described as a short career, the radical Mexican would create an eternal niche for herself amidst thousands of golf players. After turning professional in 2002, Lorena went on to accrue an impressive 27 LPGA Tour wins adding 2 major championships in the process prior to retiring in 2010. owing to large commercial success coming from eight Tour wins including the 2007 Women’s British Open at St. Andrews Ochoa became the first player in LPGA to accumulate over $ 4million in a season. after years of practice, she decided to enter another stage of her life, 3 years ago when she started up the Lorena Ochoa foundation through which she uses her generous status to finance schools for less privileged and challenged children in the hometown Guadalajara.

Mickey Wright

This well-built woman from California, who has drawn admiration from all and sundry including Ben Hogan, started her career in LPGA Tour in 1955 and would go to build a career of rare brilliance winning a staggering 82 LPGA Tour’s dragging along an impressive 13 major championships. She made history when she became the first and only player to hold all four titles at the same time. Mickey retired at the age of 34 from full-time Golf, leaving behind a blistering bequest of a title filled a career. She is regarded as the best female player to grace the courses of golf.

This rare breed of female Golf players which cut across, so many decades and generations have blazed the trail for a new generation of golfers, setting the bar very high for newcomers who wish to attain similar heights. The impact they have had on the game is somewhat demoralizing, they have created a league of their own setting a yardstick for prospective greats.