The United Kingdom is home to some of the greatest golf course in the whole world. Its lush greenery is a key to their being so many great courses. The scenery throughout the United Kingdom is unbeatable, cliff top views, green parklands and historic sites make it such an ideal country for golfing, for both the new comer and the more advanced player. If you are looking to expand the list of courses that you have played on than you should most definitely take a trip to the United Kingdom where you can quickly expand that list to include some of the greatest course in the entire world. Here are a few of the courses that we love the most.

Royal Portrush, Northern Ireland

This Harry Colt classic has the design of a genius in a location you could not improve upon. The path of the Royal Portrush course takes you out towards the water, the challenges of the course will keep you focused otherwise you would be distracted by the sheer beauty that surrounds you. They are currently preparing to host the 2019 Open Championships at the course so be sure to get a game in while you can.

Royal Country Down, Northern Ireland

For being such a small country and home to so few people it is surprising that they have so many fantastic golf courses, it is no surprise however that they have had 3 championship players come from Northern Ireland in the last few years. Royal Country Down is the best of the best when it comes to Irish golf courses. It has been listed on top 100 lists over and over and it is of no surprise. It is set at the base of the mountains of Mourne which supply the gorgeous backdrop to the Dundrum Bay and you can look down the gorgeous coast as you play. You can play on either of the two courses and there is a gorgeous Victorian hotel and spa next door should you want to stay over as well. This course simply cannot be missed.

The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

This course is one of the oldest in the world. It is a public course over common land in Fife, Scotland. Playing on the course is open to the general public, you do not have to be a member of a golf club. It is often referred to as the home of golf as this is where the sport was first played in the 15th century. The course has been well maintained as it is governed by the city and is a large piece of the history of the area and Scotland’s history as a whole.

There are so many golf courses in the United Kingdom, almost too many really, but as this is the home to the sport it is not surprising that there are so many first-class courses. And they are all waitin for you to come and check them and take a spin in the course, play like the royalty.