Competing in any sport it is essential that you have the correct equipment. And this is especially true when it comes to golf. Golf is a game of fine margins, it doesn’t take much to end up in the rough or miss a two foot putt. And the slightest mistake can end up costing you dearly.

Golf is also a game that is played with the head, this means that if you are feeling confident you will play well. And what you wear and the equipment you have plays a big part in this. For instance, if your shirt is too tight, you may have a niggling doubt that it is effecting your swing, which can affect how you play. Believe it or not the shoes you wear for playing golf are just as important than any other part of the equipment. But they are also important technically as well as mentally. Golf shoes are designed for playing golf, they offer balance, stability and flexibility when you swing.

Other types of sports shoes might make you lose grip, so you slip when you are taking a shot, this will not just affect your shot, but it can unsettle your mind.


Unlike many other sports shoes a golf shoe has a larger sole and is overall boarder in dimension. This is because you need a solid platform when going through the motions of your swing. Other sports shoes such as running or tennis shoes need to be narrower as they help the motion of running.


You may not even realize the amount of foot movement that happens during a golf swing, but it is considerable. If you try to swing your club just in bare feet, then you can see just how much movement that there is. To counteract this movement, most golf shoes have stabilizers built into the arches and this help stop sideways movement. The spikes also help from sliding on wet or rough terrain.


A golf course is specifically designed to throw up challenges to the players. That is why courses are often undulating and full of hazards such as tress, sand, water, undergrowth and many other. The golf shoe has to be flexible enough to wear on any type of ground that the course may throw up. This is far different to other sports shoes that are designed for one specific purpose.


A round of golf may take four hours and during that time many miles will have to be walked. And so the golf shoe is designed for walking long distances in perfect comfort, they allow the feet to breathe and are waterproof to protect them in inclement weather.

The design and manufacture of golf shoes has changed dramatically over the years, in past times they were stiff with metal spikes. But the modern golf shoe can hardly be distinguished from a normal outdoor shoe. The spikes are now plastic and modern materials are used in their construction.

It is worth buying the best golf shoes that you can afford, they will definitely last longer and without doubt help you with your game.