Little has been known and written about the origin of golf even though it originated around 1900. In the Olympics, no golfer has ever been given gold, silver or bronze medals and golf has featured in Olympics three times only: 1900, 1904 and 2016. However, the forthcoming Tokyo Summer Games 2020 has added golf as one of the games to be played. At the end of the Olympic Games, decisions will be made on whether golf should be retained or removed from the Olympics.

The medals won so far in the Olympics, 10 medals were given to the United States, 2 to Great Britain, and 1 to Canada. In the last games, 4 medals were won in golf altogether. Three went to the US, and Canada took one home.

2016 Olympic Golf Tournaments

The men’s round was held between August 11-14 and the women had their competition on August 17-20. Medals were given to individuals and not to teams. The Rio Olympic golf course hosted the competition with about 60 golfers for men and women each and many countries sent their representatives.

1908-2012 Olympic Golf Tournaments

There was no inclusion of golf in the tournaments held between 1908 and the 2012 Games. There was a plan to include golf in the 1908 Summer Games scheduled to hold in London. Some golfers went to take part in it but were disappointed when the tournament could not hold due to some misunderstanding among the organizers. In 2009, a vote was cast to bring in golf once again. Two tests have been earmarked to decide if it will remain or not. The first one has taken place in 2016 and the second one is in 2020.

1904 Olympic Golf Tournament

This summer Olympic took place in St. Louis in Missouri and was the second time organizers included golf to the Olympics. However, after the 1904 Games, golf was no more included in the Olympics. About 77 golfers were present at the tournament and this was against the 22 players who took part in the 1900 Olympics. However, 74 of the golfers were Americans and 3 were Canadians. No women played in the tournament, so medals went to people and to teams as well. The golfers were from different golf organizations in America, and they could take part because only two countries were participating in the tournament.

1900 Olympic Golf Tournament

Paris in France hosted this Summer Olympics in 1900 and men and women golfers took part in the games. Medals were given to people only and no team had any combined medals. However, there was poor organization and advertisement that no one could call the tournament an Olympic game. Even many of the winners could feel the impact of their success. About 22 golfers from four countries participated in the Games. These were France, USA, Britain, and Greece. The venue was the Compiegne Club. It was comprised of 366 holes of stroke for the men, while 9 holes of stroke play were for the women.