Golfing is perhaps one of the most exquisite sports in the world. The players have certain attire, the rulebook defines the etiquette very clearly and the golf courses often resemble a piece of paradise. Many golf players have their favourite place to go in order to test their skills while others like to try new places. There are countless golf courses around the globe thanks to the increasing popularity of this sport. Some of them can be found in very exotic places. We have selected some of the outstanding exotic golf courses on the globe in order to make your golfing experience even more interesting.

Elea Golf Club can be found in Paphos, Cyprus. The country itself has a very exotic feeling and this golf course comes to confirm this. The sandy terrain of Cyprus is perfect for golf lovers and the weather will allow you to enjoy your favourite sport all around the year. The golf club features a very beautiful building that offers cocktails and food during your brakes.

Apes Hill Golf Club is located in St James, Barbados. This golf course features inclined terrain perfect for those who want to make their skills even better. The landscape is extremely beautiful, showing perfect grass and beautiful tropical trees. The weather is perfect all around the year, without being too hot.

Apes Hill Golf Club

Mission Hills Golf Club is located in Guangdong, China. The course offers inclines terrain, sand and water. It is perfect both for beginners and for professionals. The size of this course will allow you to try different types of terrain and distances in order to enjoy your favourite sport at maximum. The region is very beautiful and during your time off you can explore the surrounding areas.

Nirwana Bali Golf Club is located in Tabanan, Indonesia. Besides the classic golf course, you will be amazed by the intricate patterns of the grass and the plants on the golf course. The owners wanted to combine the joy of golfing with a cultural experience. This location is considered one of the most beautiful in the world for tourism and you instantly understand why. The weather is tropical, making this golf course available all around the year.

Nirwana Bali Golf Club

Yas Links is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This golf course certainly has a very exclusive atmosphere. It has all the traits of a professional golf club and the golfing conditions are impeccable. It is located near the water, so the cool breeze will cool you off during the hot hours of the afternoon. The golf club offers premium services and the proximity to other leisure activities makes it very desirable.

Verdura Golf and SPA Resort can be found in Sicily, Italy. This huge complex is located near the Mediterranean Sea, so you will have a beautiful view while golfing. The wide range of leisure activity will transform your golf trip in a true vacation. The weather is perfect for golfing, but strong winds will sometimes be your greatest enemy. Premium service is offered on this golf course.