A ball is one of the greatest satisfaction to the people. With different types of balls, different games have evolved over time. Each of them was created somehow and somewhere, and there are still disagreements about how golf really started and who brought it to the world. Most people would agree that today’s golf is a direct ancestor of the Scottish version called “golfe”. Golf in Scotland has always been popular. During James II, this sport was even forbidden since it was a threat to archery, which at that time was vital for defending the country. Here are some of the greatest players from the UK.

Tom Morris Senior

Tom Morris or Old Tom began his career as an affiliate at the golf ball production workshop at Allan Robertson. He has been almost 40 years old when he won the first British Open, known as The Open Championship. He won the title four times in total, and the last time when he was 46 years old. When he was 30, he left his place of birth, the famous St. Andrews, after disagreements with Allan Robertson. Old Tom preferred to use new balls made of “gutta percha” rather than “feathery” balls. He moved to Prestwick on the west coast of Scotland and was a participant of The Open Championship in 1860. Tom Morris senior returned to St. Andrews in 1864 and became the first local “golf professional” and “greenkeeper”, which he has been doing for many years. He won The Open Championship in 1861, 1862, 1864 and 1867.

Tom morris junior

The son of Tom Morris senior has been beating professionals at local tournaments when he was 13 years old. To prove that this is no coincidence, he goes to Carnoustie and defeats two leading players Willie Park and Bob Anderson, after a play-off. He had a natural talent and despite his tragic and short career, he managed to make results that are of a great value even for the latest standards. At 17, he won his first British Open at Prestwick, in 1868. After winning the first place three times in a row, he got the Championship Belt in a permanent ownership.

Allan Robertson

It is very difficult to estimate his playing capability because he never had a chance to participate at The Open Championship since the first tournament was held in 1860, which was two years after his death. However, the results that are available show that he was undoubtedly the best player of his time. Some people think that the best golfer competition or The Open was made just after his death since it was well-known who is the number one when this man was alive. Given that Old Tom was working as an apprentice at Allan, he left him and joined the competition to make a new type of ball, “gutta percha”. However, when Allan realized that the ball made of “gutta percha” is the future, he was among the first to investigate how it affects the game.