Sometimes when we practice a sport recreationally, it is easy to lose motivation or lack clear ways and strategies for improving your skills. Whether you’re just getting into golf or you’ve been spending your afternoons with friends golfing for the past decade, everyone could use some inspiration from time to time. That’s what the all-time greats are for. These people have not only been able to achieve accuracy, precision, incredible skill and flawless technique with which they strike the ball, but they also pride themselves in a fair share of talent. So just who exactly are these players that gained worldwide fame and recognition?

Tiger Woods

That’s a name everyone has heard at some point, I mean literally everyone, not just golfing enthusiasts. It’s largely due to not only Tiger Wood’s exceptional golfing skills, but also his ability to market and brand himself; you’ve seen him advertise such variety of things that you might just be able to recognize from the TV screen and not know anything about his golfing career. But that career has been impressive. This professional golfer from the USA has 109 professional wins under his belt and is tied first for PGA Tour wins. What’s so impressive about him is that he reached the first position in world rankings in 1997, which was less then a year after he turned pro. As of today, he is considered to be not only one of the greatest golfers, but one of the most famous athletes of all time.

Jack Nicklaus

With the most ever Major championship wins, 18, and standing in proud second place with 73 PGA Tour wins, Jack Nicklaus is undoubtedly one of the best in the sport of golf. Nicknamed “The Golden Bear” because of his looks, Jack Nicklaus had a career spanning over a quarter of decade, which was focused on the major championships. He competed in 164 tournaments in total – more than anyone else. He is also an acknowledged writer, having published guides to golfing and outstanding autobiographical works alike. “Golf My Way” has seen incredible reception both in the form of book and video and is the best-selling golf instructional asset up to today.

Bobby Jones

You don’t have to be a professional player to be one of the greatest, and Bobby Jones certainly proves that. He has never made any money at all over the course of his golfing career, and that’s because the career never turned professional. Not that he couldn’t; with 13 Major championship wins, he is also the only person on the planet who has won the Grand Slam, meaning all four Major championships in the same year. And that’s all up until the age of 28, which is when he proudly retired. Somewhat of a legend in the world of golf, he is a true inspiration for what a sportsman with an amateur status can achieve.

Arnold Palmer

He has a strange but tasty mix of lemonade and iced tea named after him, but that’s not the most fascinating thing about him. In fact, he was nicknamed The King, and there is a reason. With seven Major championship wins and 62 PGA Tour wins, he became history in the world of golf and the “Sportsman of the Year” in 1960 with Sports Illustrated magazine.