There is an expression in golf that says, Drive for Show, and Putt for Dough. What that means that golfers that hit booming drives off the tee also have to have a competent short game around the fairways and greens.

That is why as part of your golf bag you should have a great set of irons to accompany your expensive woods. Hitting a great iron shot can make your putting easier as you will be closer to the hole, and sometimes it is the shots on the fairways that make up for mistakes on the tee.

Irons have come a long way than the first golf clubs invented, the design has changed quite considerably in just the last two decades alone. They are now created to offer better accuracy for any level of golfer, but it is important to get irons that suit your game. In this blog we look at some of the best irons on the market and the reasons why.

Mizuno – MP-5

For many years now Mizuno has been at the forefront of designing and making blade-style irons. Which top golfers love as they give great feel and touch when playing with them. And to date the Mizuno MP-5 irons are the best the company has ever produced.

These irons are not your archetypal blade-style irons as they have quite a wide back to them, but the additional back metal gives a little more stability than thinner blade irons.

Calloway Big Bertha

Calloway have been enhancing their famous Big Bertha range of irons so they are more accurate and hit the ball greater distances. The manufacturer is renowned for producing high quality irons but the new OS Irons are their best to date.

There is an Exo-Cage structure that makes the clubs lighter, but the design still makes it possible to get great distance and speed. These irons are particularly good for average or more inexperienced golfers as the design is suited for striking the ball lower on the club face. These irons are also very forgiving if you make a loose shot or hit a tad off-center as they will still deliver speed.

Titleist – 718 AP2

Many professional golfers opt for the Titleist – 718 AP2 irons as their clubs of choice. And these irons have proved to be highly successful on the professional tour. The design features developed for pros also make these clubs ideal for low handicap players.

These great clubs are totally forgiving of any shots that are struck a little off-center, they still will deliver precise distance. You will notice when selecting each iron that each one has a different center of gravity, the long irons having a lower center, and the short irons a higher center. For those golfers that struggle with distance on their iron shots these clubs are ideal.

The three manufacturers that we have featured are not the only good iron sets that are available on the market at present. Try also Cobra King, and if you are on a budget but still want great performance then it is hard to look past Wilson.