Some may consider golf a leisure activity of the rich and the retired, but the truth is very different. Golfing is one of the most elegant and exquisite sports in the world and its popularity is rising. Many players have their own favourite golf club where they spend the day practicing or playing for fun. Others started looking for new, more interesting golf courses. Thanks to its popularity, new golf courses are emerging all over the world. We have selected some of the best, yet unknown golf courses in the world in order to make your experience even more interesting.

Maesteg is located in Bridgend County

Maesteg is located in Bridgend County and it is a true feast for the eyes. This 6000-acre golf course offers a very unique soil to play on and amazing views. It is very beginner friendly thanks to the easy slopes. The King and Prince Beach & Golf resort is the paradise for those who like challenges. The golf course has a unique feature holes surrounded entirely by wetlands. You will be able to test your skills at maximum with this golf course. Locates in Georgia, this resort offers affordable prices and the views of the wetlands and the ocean are truly amazing.

Oglebay Resort is a very peaceful, family-oriented golf course located in West Virginia. It features all kind of golf courses, suitable for beginners and professional players. The purpose of this resort is to transform golf into a family activity in which everybody can learn and develop. The prices are also affordable, and the landscapes are very beautiful. Samoset Resort is located in Maine and it is perhaps one of the oldest in the region, dating back from 1889. It has 6600 yards, par 70. This golf course can prove quite challenging, making it perfect to test your skills. The location is quite picturesque, and you will enjoy your favourite sport in the middle of the nature. It is the perfect spot for nature lovers that want to enjoy their favourite sport.

The Wilderness Club is located in Eureka, Montana. Even though it may seem that getting there will be a challenge, it is worth it. The golf course features on site golf suites and it is located near water, giving you breathtaking views. This place also offers other leisure activities like fishing. The area is very quiet and peaceful, perfect for a relaxing golf day.

Gold Canyon Golf Resort is located in Arizona and features a unique terrain and view. Golf among sand slopes and desert plants can prove to be a very beautiful experience for any golf lover. The resort offers very good service and the prices are not high. Dancing Rabbit Golf Course is located in Choctaw, Ms. Even though the name may seem to describe a beginner’s club, don’t be fooled. This golf course can prove quite challenging even for professional players. It features many water ponds, cliffs and outcroppings. The landscape of the golf course is very beautiful, and it is also budget-friendly.