If you want to play golf, then you should get the basic equipment for the game. It is actually very simple, just like the game itself. There is a wide range of additional things a golfer can have but I will mention the most important ones.

Golf clubs

The most important part of the equipment is golf clubs and you cannot start a game without them. They come in a standard set, but that does not mean all of them are the same. The quality, design, and style of the clubs can be different depending on the manufacturer. They consist of three basic parts: grip, shaft and club head. The grip is the upper part of the shaft. The shaft is placed between the grip and the club head and is made of wood, steel, aluminium, hard plastic and various other materials while the club head is the end of the club itself. It is a part with which you hit the ball.

Golf balls

There are several brands of golf balls. While it is true that most golf balls are similar, in terms of a basic design, each one of them is actually different according to the number of holes, a different core and all the other changes that make this ball unique to each player. Players tend to get familiar with one type of ball that best suits them and their playing style. It is recommended that a player takes a certain amount of training time, with several golf balls, to find the best suitable one.

Golf bags

Golf bags are indispensable for playing golf because they help you store all of your equipment properly. There are two types of bags. In the first one, you carry out the bracelets, balls, towels, notes, and other basic items while in the second bag you put accessories, such as shoes, clothing, shaving equipment, and other items that you need in the dressing room before and after the game. These bags differ in style, design, capabilities, and prices. You can purchase the bag at golf shops or via various websites.


This is a small T-shaped nail from which you hit the ball. A player has to put Tee in the ground for up to half of its length, and then comes placing the ball right on it. The ball has to stand a few inches above the ground, so you can make a great shot. Tee is usually made of plastic or wood.


You may think that it is nonsense, but golf shoes are very important simply because you cannot get on the field in sneakers or a less comfortable shoes. Shoes come in a wide range of styles and designs that allow a golfer to find the shoes that are best match for him. Golf shoes can be a bit costly, but they are designed to last for a long time, and this is the most important thing if you want to deal with this sport. Make sure golf shoes are comfortable to wear for a few hours, regardless of whether you are just walking or playing the game.